Attractions in Heidelberg

Heidelberg has a fairly interesting history. It was brieflythe capital of the Zuid Afrikaansche   Republiek (South African Republic), which was an independent Boerruled country during the second half of the 19th century and occupied the area later known as Transvaal. It was annexed by the UK during the Second Boer War but some of the initial homesteads and buildings still exists.
The Dutch Reformed church is a provincial heritage site. During your stay you can visit the Heidelberg cemetery which is the home to the grave of Count Heinrich von Zeppelin, the uncle of the inventor of the air ship.

Another reason to head out to Heidelberg is to visit the Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve which is named after the Sugar Bush or Protea Caffra. It lies within an hour’s drive from Johannesburg and its major feature is the Suikerbos Mountain Range that serves as the backdrop to a network of backpacking hiking trails and a 60 kilometer tourist route you can do by car. Get an early start if you’re planning on a summer hike at Suikerbosrand as it can get pretty warm during the day.

    • Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve
    • Diepkloof “Plaas” Museum
    • The “Klip Kerk” Rock Church
    • The AG Visser House
    • The Cemetery (Anglo Boer War)